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In today’s video, the best friends decide to use giant legos to make a diy waterslide in their backyard. Matt thinks this is the worst idea, but Rebecca believes it can be the best. They do an unboxing of all the lego pieces and color coordinate the legos into piles. Next, they must create a prototype so the best drawing wins. This is the same backyard where I became a mermaid for a day in for 24 hours. Rebecca begins working on the base while Matt designs the slide. This is the tallest and biggest lego slide we have ever seen. Rebecca is first to slide into the water and the pieces break off. Once the slide is fixed, Matt must try not to fall into the water. This challenge is fun until Matt sneaks up and destroys the next diy project. Did you find the secret Game Master Clue hidden inside?

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Rebecca Zamolo is the first to build the world’s biggest diy water slide using only giant legos in her backyard.


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