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Today, Rebecca and Matt play the last to leave challenge on their roof against her best friend Alice. If Matt or Rebecca win they get to see what’s inside her backpack but if Alice wins she gets the GMI phone. Before the challenge starts we each have 2 minutes to collect supplies to survive. We hope this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge to win. Inside the bounce house each player gets to pick a fun challenge. Matt has the girls play basketball and Alice wins. She dares Rebecca and Matt to jump from the slide and Matt is first to fall. It’s down to the two girls and Rebecca decides to make a Tik Tok. Matt pranks them by deflating the bouncy house. Rebecca finally tricks Alice by throwing her iphone and pretends she got a text message from the GMI. Alice leaves the bounce house and loses the challenge.

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Rebecca Zamolo played the last to leave challenge in a bouncy house trampoline so she could find out what’s inside her best friend’s backpack. Watch next 24 Hours Handcuffed to my Best Friend!


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