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LIE Detector Test of GAME MAST...

June 9 2019 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo find the truth of the Game Master Spy Hacker in after a giant Clue Game in real life. After Rescuing Kurt from the Quadrant...Read more

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24 Hours in a BOUNCE HOUSE in ...

April 17 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

We spent 24 hours in a Bounce House in my living room playing games and dying my hair into Wengie DIY Unicorn Hair. It was fun and hilarious to try ...Read more

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World's Largest DIY Giant ...

March 27 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo and Cloe Couture tried making a giant World’s Largest DIY Easter Egg then did fun and hilarious games with it! We made paper mache us...Read more

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Giant DIY Slime Art from Unbox...

March 12 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

My Giant DIY Slime Art Using Fan’s Slime I unboxed and mixed slime fan’s sent to my PO Box then tried to do it yourself giant art mural. In this edu...Read more

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Making Food out of CANDY! Gumm...

February 24 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

We made food out of candy! In this Real Food vs DIY Edible Candy Food my husband and I tried to recreate real food using diy edible candy. Learn ho...Read more

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Gummy Food vs Real Food Chocol...

February 13 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

We tried the Gummy Food vs. Real Food Chocolate Candy Fondue Challenge where my husband and I taste and try eating giant gummy worm candy like corn,...Read more

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DIY Stretchiest Slime In The W...

February 8 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

In this Slime DIY you can learn how to make diy slime with no borax into the stretchiest slime in the world! For this Valentine’s Day Challenge I mi...Read more

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DIY Giant Bath Bomb with Karin...

January 29 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

DIY GIANT BATH BOMB using the Karina Garcia bath bomb kit! We had so much fun with this challenge making diy bath bombs and then combining and mixin...Read more

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January 20 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We are back with another Pancake art Challenge. Last time we made holiday edible pancakes and it got a bit emotional with the announcement news. T...Read more

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January 10 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Don't make giant DIY Fluffy slime backwards with bath bombs! I tried and learn how to make giant DIY Fluffy Slime backwards using bath bombs and no ...Read more

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