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World’s Largest YOUTUBE Takeov...

July 13 2019 , by Kiley

Cloe Couture distracts a security guard allowing Matt to get backstage and find the blackbox while Daniel gives the ZamFam bracelets as a decoy for t...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo and the Game Master Network plan the worlds biggest youtube takeover in 24 hours at Vidcon to save YouTube from the Red Hood hacker!

Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Ho...

July 11 2019 , by Kiley

Rebecca notices Matt and Daniel following her inside a disguise store and like 123 Go! pranks him by making a phone call to a mystery man. She takes...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo gets emotional after divorcing her husband for 24 hours!

Spying on My Wife for 24 Hours...

July 10 2019 , by Kiley

Daniel and Matt follow her and spy on her for the next 24 hours. She first picks up a mystery box with two hidden initials on it. Then she goes to ...Read more

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Matt spies on his wife Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours and it was a bad idea.


July 9 2019 , by Kiley

The GM squad get a message from the Game Master that they must split up to four locations to intercept a computer device. Matt and Daniel go searchin...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo and RZ Twin use their twin telepathy and try to win the roblox dance challenge in real life for Game Master training!

Last to Fall Asleep Wins $10,0...

July 7 2019 , by Kiley

Daniel reveals that he might not know the true identity of the game master as it is very mysterious when Matt did a face reveal. Matt dares Daniel t...Read more

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In this video Matt and Rebecca Zamolo along with cameraman Daniel compete in the last to fall asleep challenge.


July 6 2019 , by Kiley

They are tricking the hacker quadrant because the game Master has a secret plan by using twin telepathy with Rebecca and the RZ twin to disable the s...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo played a giant hacker board game challenge to trick the hacker with RZ Twin!

Last to Dunk Wins $10,000 (Dun...

July 5 2019 , by Kiley

Kurt uncovers that there is a hidden note inside with another piece of the computer to stop Vidcon. Daniel hacks into the spy camera and is able to ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo tried TRANSFORMING My BACKYARD into a Giant WATERPARK with a Game Master Dunk Tank Challenge for 24 hours, after Matt and Rebecca held a First to Build Bridge Wins $10,000 Challenge.


July 4 2019 , by Kiley

For round 2 we played a wrecking ball game and we try not to fall to win! Daniel pretends to make a phone call but secretly searches for the lock dev...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo made the world’s biggest waterpark using the largest waterslide in her backyard for 24 hours!

First to Build Bridge Wins $10...

July 2 2019 , by Kiley

If they can do it in time they can use the spy gadget to get the piece from the bottom of the pool. They are on a timer so time is important to help...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca DIY a Giant Bridge made out of boxes and other household items.

Hacker Hide and Seek Challenge...

July 1 2019 , by Kiley

Rebecca throws a gadget to trick them and the two best friends escape. Matt sneaks into a hiding spot and hears a secret meeting about searching for ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo tries to find the best hiding spot in this hacker hide and seek challenge at the Red Hood’s safe house.

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