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The video shows a secret meeting with a GMI agent handing the mysterious girl a backpack and sending her to Target with a list of items. We aren’t sure what the secret note says, but we know we need to uncover the truth. Rebecca and Matt decide to split up at the store and be first to find the best friend. Rebecca tricks Matt when she tries on a twin outfit to buy and Matt thinks he is spying on Alice. During this 24 hour challenge Rebecca searches for Alice and finds her getting a necklace. It becomes a game of hide and seek to find the best hiding spot to spy on her. Rebecca’s husband Matt sees Alice grab a SIM card but still can’t see the secret note in her backpack. When she goes to the dog isle we see her buy dog treats and a rainbow dog costume. Matt decides to go in disguise and use his spy ninja skills to try and take it while Rebecca stays hidden. When Alice leaves we follow her to a secret meeting at the park with the GMI agent. The agent reveals that the note is actually a list and puts a tiny spy gadget inside the necklace. Where do you think the best friend is going after this new information is revealed?

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Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours spying on her new best friend that the Game Master Inc. chose.


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