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Matt thinks wearing a mermaid tail in public is the worst challenge but Rebecca is hopeful she’ll convince him in a day. To begin, she first wanted to find the best present for her nephews while going shopping. It was challenging as she tried to crawl through the isles searching for a mystery gift. Rebecca lets Matt know she has surprise for him in hopes he will be excited for the day. Rebecca must crawl to a candy shop as she can’t walk in the disguise. After she picks out lego candies she reveals her surprise. They are going on another day but this time it won’t be underwater with her crush. They also need to get food so Rebecca takes Matt to the grocery store. During their picnic Matt receives a text from Daniel saying that the secret meeting with the RZ twin is in 5 minutes. She give Matt a mixture to help Rebecca with her memory. Matt and Rebecca do the waterslide challenge and Rebecca wins. Matt knows he needs her to drink the drink so he agrees to become a merman. After they play the last to leave the hot tub Matt blows up a floaty and Rebecca falls asleep. When she wakes up she starts to sink. Can we rescue Rebecca before the GMI takes her again?

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Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours wearing a mermaid tail in public and it turned into the worst overnight experience with the Game Master.


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