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I Built a SECRET Mirror to Spy on my Daughter

October 26 2023 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo built a secret mirror to spy on her daughter and see if she can tests a new babysitter. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Gi...Read more

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I Built a Giant Slide for My Daughter in Our Backyard

October 22 2023 , by The Game Master

I try building a secret slide for our daughter Zadie in our backyard. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted "Giant Game of Clue But Everyone's ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo builds a secret barbie room to hide from her husband Matt. Will she be able to hide without him knowing or will he secretly find out?...Read more

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We Built the Worlds Largest DIY Slingshot

April 21 2022 , by Matt and Rebecca

Will it work? It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Poor Girl SHAMED at PROM, Ending is Shocking." Then Matt and Rebecca made "Last To Leave La...Read more

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I Built a SECRET Hidden DOLLHOUSE in my HOUSE!

May 29 2021 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca finds an epic hidden dollhouse in her room. First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Saying yes to Abby Lee for 24 hours in a dance moms challenge." N...Read more

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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours HANDCUFFED To HACKER in My HOUSE! Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks to escape Good Vs. Evil Matt and Rebecca uploa...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo made the world’s biggest waterpark using the largest waterslide in her backyard for 24 hours! Rebecca and Matt met up with the Game M...Read more

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