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Matt and Rebecca drop and unbox 2 ebay mystery boxes that are worth 25 and 100 and see which one works better vs. Will they break from 60 ft. high? ...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try the Do not break the wrong mystery ballon from 45 ft into card board boxes and other challenges. They previously dropped water...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca go on a hidden treasure exploring mission in their own house when they bring the abandoned safe back from Big Bear (https://www.yo...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca recently dropped a giant watermelon and water balloon off of their roof that is 60 ft. high to see if they would make it or splat. ...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca drop a bunch of random fruit, water balloons, shaving cream, watermelon and other items from their 60 ft tower just like the how ri...Read more

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