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I Was Pranked with the Cheapest Hotel Room

June 16 2022 , by Matt and Rebecca

This was the worst hotel experience we have ever had. Something feels off, is this a prank or did this really just happen? It all started when Reb...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca escape to Hawaii from the safe house with Stephen Sharer to find out that he actually followed and tracked them there. Before that...Read more

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I attended a secret meeting to trick the Game Master in the worst reviewed motel in my city, this experiment was a Bad idea! After Rebecca Zamolo ...Read more

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We stayed overnight at a haunted hotel and found a real ghost for this 24 Hour challenge. We spoke with one of the staff who gave us a house tour of...Read more

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We almost were arrested in our hotel room by the local police and security because we accidentally broke the Law! Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on...Read more

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While staying in New York we had something creepy keep on happening during our stay. For some reason this light keeps on flashing every-time we go ...Read more

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November 24 2015 , by Rebecca Zamolo

FIRE in the Backyard! Follow me on Snapchat: rebeccazamolo Thank you ZamFam for helping me reach 150k! Watch my LIVESTREAM tonight where I will be d...Read more

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