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Learn how to open a pumpkin only using rubber bands experiment. Matt and Rebecca Zamolo have been the first to find two of the GMI’s mysterious pu...Read more

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We learn how to make DIY elephant toothpaste and try to guess what color this mix will turn into. Can you tell? Have you made elephant toothpaste ...Read more

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My Giant DIY Slime Art Using Fan’s Slime I unboxed and mixed slime fan’s sent to my PO Box then tried to do it yourself giant art mural. In this edu...Read more

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I tried conditioning with professional gymnasts for this gymnastics game! I did gymnastics skills, tumbling and conditioning on the balance beam, fl...Read more

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Making Food out of CANDY! Gummy Vs Real

February 24 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

We made food out of candy! In this Real Food vs DIY Edible Candy Food my husband and I tried to recreate real food using diy edible candy. Learn ho...Read more

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Rebecca receives a ton of Slime from our PO Box from Fans and make a giant DIY Slime bubble and learn how to mix slime into a giant slime smoothie f...Read more

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We tried the Pancake Art Vs Slime Art Challenge (Kids vs Adults) for Valentine’s Day where we learn how to make emojis, the YouTube Play button, and...Read more

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Don't make giant DIY Fluffy slime backwards with bath bombs! I tried and learn how to make giant DIY Fluffy Slime backwards using bath bombs and no ...Read more

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Clothes Swap Challenge in PUBLIC! *Hilarious*

January 8 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

THUMBS UP this video if you want Matt to have to post a picture in his outfit LOL. We did a hilarious clothes swap challenge in public for Marriage ...Read more

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