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Rebecca had to go the the Emergency Room Trip to the Hospital! (Emotional Surgery) Then, Matt and Rebecca created an Among Us In Real Life But We Ar...Read more

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Right after Rebecca Zamolo made Creepy Doll Surprises Rebecca with Punishments for 24 Hours!, Matt and Rebecca created Creepy Doll Trapped Me and Co...Read more

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Recently Rebecca Zamolo had a face reveal of best friend 24 hour song challenge. Matt and Rebecca before that was 24 hours trapped in an abandoned ...Read more

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After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Pranking GAME MASTER Spy Hacker! (BEST DIY PRANKS Wins Challenge) Matt and Rebecca Zamolo escape the Halloween Hacker ...Read more

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Rebecca does a fun 24 hour diy challenge overnight after we successfully defeat the Quadrant in a battle royale and get a secret message from the Ga...Read more

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