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▶ Last Game Master hidden riddles to solve: https://goo.gl/uGPhJi
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Rebecca Zamolo tried tricking Quadrant using GAME MASTER Identity Disguise in Mystery Escape Room and found Overnight clues to unlock a new device. Matt and Rebecca ended up escaping a Quadrant Meeting in the Game Master Warehouse and revealed our cameraman true identity clues at 3am. The GM is still missing and we are searching every location to find each spy gadget for the mystery device. In today’s video, Rebecca and Matt spend 24hrs overnight inside a treehouse at a top secret Quadrant location. Our cameraman Daniel intercepted secret messages revealing the treehouse is where they have secret meetings and agrees to send us each clue on our phone. We aren’t sure if this treehouse is also used for spy ninja training like the dollhouse was, but there are escape room clues and riddles to solve inside. Will we do an unboxing haul and find $10,000 in this challenge like Carter Sharer and Lizzy? At 3am we receive a message from Daniel revealing the RZ twin will be arriving in the morning. Matt and I decide to trick her into a battle royale like spy ninjas. It seems like a pause challenge when I confront her until Matt throws the ninja gadget on her and brings her into our car. We can finally unmask her and do a face reveal. Should we have her take a lie detector test to find the truth? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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24 Hours https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjKqtOxLDxcwjLB5Peqqezb_YWVg8db1g



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