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Rebecca Zamolo spent 48 hours overnight inside a giant hold in her backyard after they found the game master treasure map. Matt and Rebecca spent the first 24 hours packing spy and ninja gadgets then setting up for this overnight challenge so they could find the hidden Game Master treasure box After searching for all of the items they need to survive the night, Matt and Rebecca go into the area that looks like a pool is being built. Inside they set up the tent and try a fluffy slime experiment which they hope will turn into iceberg slime overnight. Daniel facetimes Rebecca saying that the RZ twin is on her way back but he has a plan. We need to use the red light since she is hypnotized to trick her. She arrives and believes we are a member of the quadrant in disguise and quickly leaves. Later Rebecca has Matt make game master survival food with hot water. They set up lights like Piper Rockelle does in her challenge but later have to use them at 3am. The last thing they need is a battle royale in real life before it’s 123 GO! After almost falling asleep they hear a mysterious noise from outside the tent. Is it the gamemaster or possibly the Red hood? If it’s the RZ twin can we trap her or find out what secret mystery device the game master left in our backyard? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

#thegamemasternetwork #the24hourchallenge #gamemaster

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