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Rebecca Zamolo tries the floor is lava challenge after we broke into the Hacker Safe House to rescue YouTubers and stop E2!

▶ Help solve last Game Master clue and riddles: https://youtu.be/SXxvoR40Og0
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Last time Rebecca Zamolo played last to fall in the pool wins $10,000 or Game Master clues! (disney princess challenge) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded Daniel is the Game Master spy and takes lie detector test in real life! Today, Rebecca and her cameraman Daniel must learn how to complete the floor is lava challenge after receiving top secret information from a quadrant member that the first of 3 Youtuber targets for E2 is Kurt Hugo Schneider. They are keeping him trapped inside his house for 24 hours so he will record an original song with hidden riddles. Matt and Rebecca decide to split up after Matt receives a message from the Game Master to meet him at the worst rated motel in our city. R & D then must sneak inside and use their ninja training to complete the floor is lava challenge using augmented reality on their phone and shut down the lasers. As soon as we find Kurt we realize a quadrant hacker spy is upstairs and it turns into a game of hide and seek. We hide inside a tiny hidden room similar to the one I did the 24 hour challenge overnight but they trap Kurt. We try to rescue Ro Pansino after the gamemaster gave a clue that her clone was trying to replace her. Ro was found inside a closet where she had been trapped for 24hrs. Now we need to find the final YouTuber target. Who do you think it is? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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