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First Rebecca Zamolo competed in best magic trick wins after going undercover at the rhs tea party to get information. That was before Matt and Rebecca tried tricking the red hood spies by going undercover in disguise as park rangers for 24 hours. Now Matt has to face his biggest fear of heights by jumping off the balcony in the back of the house. Today Matt, Rebecca and Maddie are starting to set up traps and tricks to protect the house before the hacker spies come to take over the house. The game master is missing and might do a face reveal but we need to make sure we are safe first. Matt tries to teach the girls fruit ninja. Then shows them they have to jump off the balcony with the crash pad. However a hacker spy keeps coming by to check on the house. Matt has to go in disguise while Maddie hacks in to listen to the conversation. Next Matt shows them ninja training if someone comes into the house. During this another spy comes by to check on the house and is speaking in spanish. Can we hold them off and be ready for Saturday? Thanks for watching my DIY video about awkward situations life hacks / practical joke pranks.

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Gamemaster Spy Ninja Video Here


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