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What do you think of my new permanent hair color? I can’t believe I let my subscribers, fans and instagram followers control my life by picking my new hair color ! I put out polls and you guys voted and decided the final DIY hair color! I am not a professional so I brought in my friend (not sister) Matilde who is a professional hairstylist and hairdresser. This was the best video for me to do with Vidcon happening this week, but is also great for summer, back to school, graduation, and prom. I’ve tried following a DIY Wengie unicorn hair tutorial before and even transformed my husband’s hair, but that was temporary, easy wash hair dye.

Matilde my hairstylist

For the first poll I had you pick between pink and green hair. I have dyed my hair pink before, but have not had green hair. Matt wanted to prank me since we are doing prank wars and I had to guess which color I thought it would be. The ZamFam also decided which DIY color pink it would be- light or vibrant. My hairstylist put both colors on the table as she brushed and painted the color onto my hair.

For the next polls you picked between blue and purple DIY hair color. I’ve used temporary hair chalk before with these two colors but its never been permanent. I also let you decide if you wanted it to be a solid color or ombre. I love Joey Grafeffa’s solid hair color and Safiya Naagard ‘s Ombre hair color, but I really wanted ombre LOL.

In the final hair reveal I decided to keep it a surprise until it was completely washed and finished. We straightened then curled my hair to model it for you!

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