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Matt Battles Hacker Cop While Rebecca and Agents see Whats in the Box Challenge!

Rebecca Zamolo and Husband Compete in “WORST WEDDING PHOTO Wins $10,000! Recreating Awkward Situations, Matt Arrested by Riddles and Tricks”, Matt and Rebecca uploaded “MADDIE LEAVES OUR HOUSE FOREVER! (Spending 24 Hours Keeping Giant Secret Testing Viral Tiktok Hacks)” The Real Game Master created “MATT IS WANTED?! Framed by Game Master and Mr. X in Secret Meeting (Surprising Viral Disguise)” The Game Master incorporated posted “LIE DETECTOR TEST ON GAME MASTER SPY! (Testing Viral Tiktok life hacks for Truth),” now Matt has been missing and is taken back to it looks like the safe house. Agent D tries to interrogate while Matt tests to see if he can escape. Mr X has Agent D text Rebecca and the agents to compete in a $20,000 challenge which is $10,000 x 2. First they do chubby bunnies. No one can get ahold of Maddie though. Next they do viral tik tok life hacks but they turn out to be the worst. Finally they try to go to the roof as they hear a noise. Maybe its a hacker trying to break in and do a battle royale at 3am. They might need to keep doing these challenges for over 24 hours. They play the say anything challenge and find out that no one wins. They receive a message from Daniel who used hacks to send them security footage while matt was being framed. It looks like Maddie was taken and is either lost or missing. She didn’t make it to Australia. Who do you think took her? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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