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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo found the best hiding spot to defeat hacker in a hide and seek chase.

We have 15 minutes to find the hidden laptop in the top secret safe house after we escape hacker in a hide and seek chase. We have the first laptop and overhear the conversation of the quadrant and red hood as we use spy ninja gadgets about e3. We weren’t able to attend the secret meeting but could overhear important information. They also have a box that we need to capture. Once we get inside Daniel hacks the door and we need to split up to find clues to where the best hiding spot is. After chasing us Rebecca and Daniel start to battle royale in the middle of partywith with the quadrant. Can we escape them in time with the hackers laptop to save Youtube? If we can take them back to the safe house maybe they can take a lie detector test. Kurt is still hypnotized or is he? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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