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Matt and Rebecca try escaping the Garage after a trap by best friend Hacker!

After Rebecca Zamolo created 24 Hours TRAPPED in Tiny Room Above my House! (Best Friend Escape Room in Real Life), the Real Game Master uploaded Is My BEST FRIEND a Hacker? (Face reveal of the COP) with the Game Master Network, shortly afterwards the Game Master Incorporated made Spying on my Crush for 24 hours! (Secret meeting with Mr X) now everyone needs to escape the trap set by Alice. When they rescue Rebecca and her cousin Maddie they now need to create a plan. What’s inside the garage with them? They quickly realize that no one has access to wifi with their iPhone 11 smart phone technology. They realize they can stay awake for 24 hours by doing trending tik toks. Quickly they give the news that they learned about Alice and Agent D. Agent R might not get his first kiss with his crush. Alice is now officially a liar and we cannot trust her. Even if she took a lie detector it wouldn’t matter any more. We know the truth. Finally at 3am they take out the ghost radar app to see if there is a real ghost. Next they all have to tell a secret truth to escape. Rebecca reveals the real name of the tattoo on her best friend Alice. Matt reveals he knows about the mysterious book of secrets from cameraman Daniel. Maddie reveals she might have a crush on Agent R. Agent R reveals he might have a crush on Maddie. Agent R wants to replace Mr. X. When they escape at 3am Rebecca’s phone goes off and everyone is scared. Can they find out more information about Alice? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!


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