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Matt and Rebecca are trapped with Game Master Inc Agents and have to work together to escape.

After Rebecca Zamolo was Spying on BEST FRIEND FIRST DATE with Her CRUSH! (Kissing to get Event Secret) a Mysterious Van pulled up and trapped them along with her best friend Alice in a van. When it was the last to stop the Gamemaster opened the back door and said a riddle to help them escape. They had to do a coin flip challenge to see who goes first. Matt won and now has to complete a dare of cutting off his hair. Each person has to do a truth or dare. Agent R confesses his crush is Alice after trying to get his first kiss. They then do a viral tik tok trend. Rebecca does gymnastics skills to solve a clue and the escape room starts. Once they find the final key and escape there is another clue outside. Why did we have to work together? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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