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Rebecca Zamolo tries the best flip in ninja training to win $10,000 for the battle royale against the top hacker group!

Rebecca Zamolo and the game master network go to a giant trampoline park for ninja training to train for the battle royale in less than 24 hours. Matt and Rebecca, Daniel, and Rocky compete to win $10,000, In round 1 the best flip wins into the foam pit. Daniel uses his secret spy ninja skills to disappear and re-appear on the rope. Round 2 is the Best Trick shot wins. We try to learn how to do trick shots like Dude Perfect but fail. Matt and Rocky are able to dunk the basketball but Rebecca is too tiny. For the last and final round, the GM network combines their spy ninja skills and the fast time wins through the obstacle course. The Game Master said the hackers would be doing the exchange on our roof and we needed to be ready for a battle royale. We sneak outside and spy on five quadrant members having a secret meeting. They are helping the Red Hood build her super computer to hack Vidcon. Rebecca hides under a table and takes the device but a hacker sees her and it turns into a chase. Rebecca was able to defeat the hackers and retrieve the spy ninja device. Can they stop their plans for Vidcon and save the Game Master Network?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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