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Rebecca Zamolo and her cousin Maddie became Trolls to battle the queen of gems and find the hidden diamond.

Rebecca Zamolo recently found the Game Master Lair hidden inside the secret tunnel in our new house. However after that Matt and Rebecca picked up Mr. X in an uber disguise for 24 hours and saw Daniel as a GMI agent. That was when the Game Master Network did a battle royale with Matt against the RZ. Twin. Rebecca and Matt take their best friend Daniel into the Lair and unlock the first door with the gauntlet. They become giant trolls in real life and explored the giant rainbow tunnel system. Maddie and Rebecca find the first music challenge where they must stomp to the beat to unlock the treasure box. Inside we find a tiny troll but don’t understand why the diamond gem is still missing. Rebecca feels someone spying on her and Maddie hopes it isn’t a real ghost. The map inside the lair begins to move like Jumanji and reveals another clue. We don’t know if we can trust Daniel or if he’s still hypnotized but will find out once he’s awake. The second challenge as trolls is a tik tok challenge where they must combine hip-hop and pop music with country and rock music. We complete the tiktok but Maddie looks at the queen of gems and is turned to stone. The map reveals that a special magic flower can save her cousin. Rebecca sneaks inside and saves Maddie and they escape before the queen can trap them. Matt does a just sing challenge where he must hit the notes for a Trolls song on key. Rebecca does a blindfolded battle royale with the queen of gems to defeat her and they finally unlock the diamond. They must get back to the Game Master lair where Daniel is still sleeping. Do you think the second map will become Star wars in real life based on the clue? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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