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Rebecca Zamolo and her best friends do a giant stranger things game in real life to reverse the Game master switch up.

It all started when Rebecca Zamolo and Maddie’s first fight was a battle royale as fairy princesses for 24 hours. Matt and Rebecca learned that RZ twin is bad and found footage of Maddie’s crush in our new house while searching for clues! The Game Master network tried tricking Maddie’s ex crush boyfriend to help get Connor back and it worked. Now Rebecca must become Eleven from stranger things to save Connor after he is taken into the upside down. Daniel must turn off the power inside our house because it is charging a mysterious arcade. RZ twin hypnotizes Zoe, Robbie Rob, and Mr. X and they remain hypnotized in the upside down. We must take turns searching for Connor while the group changes everything in the switch-up. Rebecca uses twin telepathy to talk to her cousin Conner and needs to talk through the motherboard. Once inside the upside down it is creepy and filled with ghosts. After winning a battle royal on a space ship just like in Roblox they are able to finally get all of the pieces back. Now in order to stop RZ twin and the bad game master they must take bicycles to an arcade. Maddie doesn’t know how to ride so she quickly learns how to. Matt, Rebecca, Connor and Maddie all travel into the realm to destroy the devices. Daniel keeps the video games running but has to face RZ twin in a battle royale. Can Daniel keep the power on and will the group win and successfully return to the real world in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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