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Matt and Rebecca are separated and must find the best hiding spot in the best friend Cabin to survive.

After Rebecca Zamolo created LAST TO STOP NEW YEAR Resolution Wins $10,000 (Best Friend vs Rebecca Zamolo), Matt and Rebecca uploaded 24 Hour Game Master Music Video Challenge! Name Reveal of Best Friend. Now they are separated and Matt and two agents from the GMI are trapped at the Hacker’s Cabin. Agent R was rescued when he was under cerebral analysis and is handcuffed for 24 hours. Matt can’t find the key and tries to use survival tools to break him free. Agent S starts looking for clues and finds his Olaf. Matt reveals it was a hidden security camera to spy on them. When Agent R finds his necklace Matt also reveals that it was a tracking device planted by Rebecca’s best friend Alice. After a few minutes of searching Alice arrives and they must all hide. They are looking for the best hiding spot and whoever doesn’t get caught wins. Do you think Rebecca and her cousin Maddie will find them in time before Alice does or will they all be trapped in a tiny hidden space? hanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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