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Rebecca Zamolo tries to find the best hiding spot in this hacker hide and seek challenge at the Red Hood’s safe house.

Matt and Rebecca were told by the real Game Master that they only had 15 minutes to find the three mixtures hidden in different rooms. We need to retrieve the device to the super computer that’s underwater in the background pool. Daniel creates a plan but is interrupted by a surprise quadrant and it turns into a hide and seek chase in real life. Rebecca and Daniel hide in the kitchen but the quadrant hacker almost traps Daniel. Rebecca throws a gadget to trick them and the two best friends escape. Matt sneaks into a hiding spot and hears a secret meeting about searching for the GM Network. Will they get trapped have this into a 24 hour challenge overnight? Rebecca finds the first mixture while Matt finds the second. The final mixture is hidden in a secret trap room which surprises them. They combine all the diy ingredients and pour them into the rose flowers. With ten seconds to leave they trick the quadrant hackers and trap them inside. Now that they are safe, will they find the next computer device in the backyard pool?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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