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Will Rebecca Zamolo find the best hiding spot in hide and seek challenge from the Red Hood hacker?

After Rebecca Zamolo played the twin telepathy challenge with my hypnotized twin! (Game Master event date reveal) and Matt and Rebecca created our dog is missing! (new clues found at hacker mansion) and we solved clues to rescue our dog. The Game Master network decided to sneak into the mansion to play sis vs bro hide and seek in the dark but the red hood hacker spotted us. We needed Daniel to find the best hiding spot like Morgz so he could hide the spy gadget cameras while Matt and Rebecca said 123 Go! and took the red hood on a chase. I hope we can escape before 3am and this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge. Rebecca found a secret hidden tunnel while exploring a mysterious room and spying on the quadrant. Does the RH have a boyfriend like Piper Rockelle? Thanks to our ninja training we were able to hack into the system and unlock the front door. Matt decides he wants to keep the Hacker phone he found but is separated from Rebecca and Daniel. Will he escape?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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