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Rebecca Zamolo went undercover in disguise to a giant masquerade ball at the hacker mansion! After Rebecca found her husband Matt missing during the Guess who can gain the most weight in 24 hours challenge she knew she needed to rescue him. Rebecca goes undercover wearing a gmi disguise so she can attend the secret $10,000 event. The Game Master sneaks up in a Tesla with her best friend Daniel and Alice. Rebecca doesn’t know if she can trust Alice but they need her help to get Mr. X True identity lockbox. Daniel sets up secret hidden cameras inside the mansion to spy. Rebecca hacks into their live feed by doing a switch up on the camera. Alice gives details about each secret agent hacker at the party and thier spy gadget device. He believes there is a traitor and the guests get trapped inside during lockdown. They must compete in challenges to win $10,000 and be first in command. The first challenge is last to stop moving wins and Alice pushes two agents down. Don’t choose the wrong seat is the next game and agent G almost reveals Rebecca attended Clue in Real Life. Finally, the remaining agents have 5 minutes to solve clues and riddles in an escape room or sleep cloud will be released. A big surprise happens during the open mic performance and Daniel is able to make the mansion dark. It turns into a hide and seek chase before Alice shows them the best hiding spot. Rebecca and Daniel open the lockbox to reveal the Game Master’s big secret. Are Mr. X and the Game Master brothers? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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