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After Rebecca Zamolo created Giant REWIND Musical in REAL LIFE to TRAP Hacker! (Game Master Battle Royale) we now need to get Mr. X to prison. Thank goodness the police were called and now we can get a face reveal of Mr. X who is the Game Master’s brother. First we need to do a lie detector test to reveal the truth. While we are setting up for a holiday party Agent S is bringing the GM brother to the safe house. Once he arrives we need to give him the truth mixture. Once he starts telling the truth, Rebecca’s best friend Alice is called. She reveals her secret name is not able to be said. It will stay a mystery even if her first kiss Agent R says it. Once they finish the FaceTime, Mr. X reveals more secrets about the Gamemaster. He has more targets and possibly might still be in control of the GMI and quadrant. Can we trust him or do you think he is a liar? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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