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After I, Rebecca Zamolo, was 24 Hours TRAPPED in Tiny Room Above my House by Best Friend Escape Room in Real Life, Matt and Rebecca uploaded Trapped for 24 HOURS Overnight in Garage by Best Friend Hacker, Escaping at 3am, then the Game Master Incorporated made Confronting My Crush’s Boyfriend to find the Truth and the Real Game Master Network tried to be Disguised as Game Master for 24 Hours to Trick Hacker! Now Rebecca Zamolo sets up her cousin Maddie up in a best first date wins first kiss challenge! Agent R has been crying after he confronted his crush’s boyfriend disguised as the Game Master. Rebecca decides to set up a dating game to help him get over her ex best friend Alice and set him up with her cousin Maddie. Rebecca calls her friends the Wilking Sisters as they are like twins to help her win. Rebecca Zamolo breaks it down into 3 rounds. First they all must try to win Agent R’s heart by telling the truth and giving secret information about themselves. Agent S, who is Agent R’s best friend, helps decide who wins the peanut butter sandwich round. Agent R gets a call from Matt’s Mom, which is surprising to Matt and Rebecca. Each contestant in the challenge must disguise themselves as a popular animal to try to win Agent R’s heart. He goes to the roof and the hidden security camera shows that Alice has a secret meeting with Agent R. She wants to go on another first date and Agent R gives her back his necklace. Agent R comes back and is upset but he must now decide who wins this challenge. Who do you think he will choose? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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