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After Rebecca Zamolo competed in the “Last To Stop Running Wins Battle Royale! (Rebecca spends 24 hours protecting House Tunnel)”, Matt and Rebecca posted “Last To Leave The Shower Wins $10,000 Challenge Matt and Rebecca Vs. Hackers” and the Real Game Master uploaded “Can You Beat This Girl at Arm Wrestling? (Final Game with Surprising End to Tunnel System Mystery)” and won. Rebecca must decide if she can trust Q and the GMI agents if they want to open the tunnel above their house. Matt and Rebecca compete in an extreme trust challenge to finally win the backpack. A mystery man is locked inside a room but we don’t know who it is. Rebecca pranks the boys by pretending to fall off her balcony and they have hilarious reactions. Everyone must first do some ninja training trust exercises. Matt is first to fall into the pool because he can’t trust the quadrant. The extreme trust challenge is like last to leave the circle but you must decide to steal, protect, or eliminate the other player from the game. The agents put $10,000 into the circle and first to steal it wins. Q tricks agent r and eliminates him from the game. Matt and Agent S both try to steal the money and they’re eliminated. It’s now up to Rebecca and the quadrant. He promises that if she protects herself he will steal the keys to the backyard tunnel and the backpack but give the backpack to her. She isn’t sure if she should trust his proposal even when he says he works for the game master. Will Rebecca and Matt finally open the tunnel in their house and find out what’s inside the secret room?Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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