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I wish Morgz or Carter Sharer could help us find buried treasure win $10,000.

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After Rebecca Zamolo made First to Find KEY Wins GAME MASTER TESLA! (Secret meeting reveals Daniel is next target) Matt and Rebecca created Taking Over Safe House in Pizza Boy Disguise! (Game Master Clues in Real Life) the Real Game Master uploaded Rebecca Zamolo has been hacked in real life! (Battle Royal clues) to give us new clues to secure the safe house through the underground tunnel. We think the Red Hood lady might be behind everything especially the quadrant. After an epic ninja battle royale, they receive a new hidden message to go to Santa Monica. There is a buried treasure and the first one to get to it wins. The tesla has been hacked so they need to find another way to get there. The see scooters and jump on. The spy ninjas have found them and it turns into a chase. Thank you Daniel and Chad Wild Clay for giving us this idea to escape them. The Gamemaster might still be in play but we haven’t heard from him. To get through this we must complete challenges like Don’t Push PZ4 Into The Wrong Pool, Don’t Smash Your iPhone X and Last To Sink Wins $10,000 challenge. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

Matt and Rebecca Pranks
Matt and Rebecca Wedding
Matt and Rebecca Gamemaster
Matt and Rebecca Lie Test

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