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Best Friends must go in disguise to win a date! Rebecca Zamolo spent a day ignoring Maddie for 24 hours and surprising her with her dream car. Matt and Rebecca then learned how to sneak friends anywhere in a hot vs cold challenge and ways to sneak friends into the movies. The Game Master network started rescuing game master from prison escape room. Rebecca decides to set Mr. X on a giant dating game in real life with Disney princesses to convince him to help us get the black reactivator. The evil villain wants a first kiss and to find true love. This is a game that the game master network cannot lose. If Rebecca’s disney princess dates work out in this giant dating game then Mr X will trade the black reactivator. First round Matt decides to be the wicked step sister and gets out. The Next round each person must reveal their worst date. All of the disney princess including, snow white, cinderella, Rupunzel and a mystery princess. The next round everyone must sing and create a song like their favorite musical. Finally everyone in disguise must try to win but the evil villain isn’t happy. He really wants love and Rebecca knows what will win. Do you think Rebecca can help her nemesis before he gives up? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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