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Rebecca Zamolo and Maddie Found Ghosts in a Real Life Ghost Town when facing her fear. Matt and Rebecca played Angry Birds In Real Life Challenge Battle Royale! The Game master network uploaded Maddie is Emotional After New Crush Betrays Her at home. Rebecca and her best friends must become incredibles in real life to stop the Halloween hacker from taking the super computer. Rebecca is elastagirl and her super power is stretching. Rebecca’s husband has super strength while his best friend Daniel is super fast just like Dash. Maddie has two secret powers but can only use one. Once they are done testing and tricking each other the first group of hackers arrive. Mr X and Halloween Hacker sneak into the tunnel system. Quickly Rebecca follows the orders of AL who Daniel reprogramed through hacking and steal Mr X’s cane. Now that they have the power its quick to see that they will win. However its a giant trick by the evil group and are quickly captured by the bad guys. Now in incredibles part two they must work with RZ twin to escape and restore the power with Rebecca. Maddie has a giant secret and is ready to have her first kiss with her crush. Matt might get mad and have a battle royale in the backyard. Do you think this plan will work or will we be trapped being the incredibles in real life game? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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