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Rebecca Zamolo competes in last to leave sauna challenge and gets trapped!

Rebecca Zamolo opened my own candy store at home to trap queen in backyard then Matt and Rebecca realized someone broke into our house while searching for Daniel’s crush RZ twin. The Real Game Master destroyed the hidden cameras by crushing crunchy and soft things under my Tesla to defeat queen of gems. Matt and Rebecca try to trap the mysterious person breaking into our cabin and realize it’s their best friend Daniel. We aren’t sure if he’s still hypnotized so Maddie has the idea to do a last to leave the sauna challenge. Rebecca checks on the Queen of Gems who is handcuffed in the garage and gives her candy. Inside the sauna the Game Master network do fun challenges and Matt sneaks lie detector mixture into Daniel’s coffee. The first challenge is a trending tik tok challenge where we try a fun dance. Matt is first to leave the sauna so he tries to hack into Daniel’s laptop to find the truth. The Queen of Gems escapes and traps us inside the sauna. We play truth or dare and learn that Daniel has a big secret about RZ Twin. She is missing and needs to return to the Game Master. Al guesses Daniel’s passcode and tricks Matt with a mysterious photo. Matt chases the Queen of Gems and it turns into a battle royale in the backyard. Where do you think RZ twin and the Game Master are? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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