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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo must create 10 music videos in 24 hours to save their best friend and reveal her true identity.

After Rebecca Zamolo created My BEST FRIEND Lost Her Memory! Prank or Real Challenge to Reveal TRUTH, Matt and Rebecca uploaded Never Have I Ever Challenge with Lie Detector Test! Best Friend IS A LIAR, now they must finish the music video challenge in less than 24 hours. Agent C gives Alice noise cancelling headphones and Daniel explains the game master gave him codes while he hacks. He is not sure what they mean but it might reveal Alice’s real name. No ne knows if we can trust her as she has been acting very suspicious in this vlog. They break into teams and whoever produces the best music video wins. The Game Master Incorporated agents like the sneaking in and hacking videos while rebecca will focus on th best friend song. Matt thinks he might have to record a new song to free her memory. Will this work and why did Alice put a tracking device on Agent R’s necklace? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!
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