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Rebecca Zamolo played a giant clue game in real Life Part 2 and did a house takeover to save RZ twin. Matt and Rebecca then tried saving Rebecca’s twin from game master escape room & destroying GM lair in 24 hours. The real game master network competed in last to fall asleep wins challenge and finally found our missing memories. Rebecca must get her lost memory back by recreating the Disney princess image she saw. Matt, Rebecca, and Maddie become Disney princesses in real life for 24 hours. To start our 24 hour challenge we use a Disney princess instagram filter to reveal which princess we are. Rebecca and Maddie trick Matt by sliding his bed in the pool and putting him in a princess disguise. The cousins start in the Frozen Anna and Elsa princess outfit and do a viral tiktok dance challenge. Matt is acting suspicious and keeps disappearing outside to talk to Mr. X. The Barbie girls decide to surprise Matt and decorate his tesla like a giant Barbie dream house. Matt has a secret meeting and is acting strange with Mr X. Why does Mr X need Matt’s help? In the backyard Rebecca dresses up like Princess Peach and Maddie as Princess toadstool to play giant Mario cart in real life. Maddie Wins but Rebecca doesn’t remember her memory. Rebecca decides to do the last to fall in the pool challenge just like she did with Rosanna Pansino and Q from the quadrant. When Rebecca falls in she can’t stop singing. What is that song? In a hidden pocket Rebecca and Matt found a key. What does this open and can we trust Matt after what he did? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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