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Recently Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours facing our biggest fear at a giant waterpark! That was right after Matt and Rebecca had a drone prank gone wrong but they found an RHS spy during diy funn pranks and tricks. Now they have been trapped by Mr Nice guy in his giant treehouse in the backyard waterpark. If they are going to escape they need to search for clues. Matt and Robbie Rob search the top floor while Rebecca and Maddie scour the first floor for gadgets and spy gear. No one finds anything and they are trapped for 24 hours until a mystery man shows up. Its Daniel and he is able to get them out but they have to avoid mr nice guy and his squads secret meeting. Maddie spies on the meeting while Rebecca faces Matt’s biggest fear of heights. After a giant game of hide and seek they discover a hot place and a cold place. Which will be better in this 1 v 1 challenge? Matt uses a diy and is the first ever to climb backwards up a water slide. Once they escape, Daniel disappears and they all go home but receive a message from the game master. Someone took the clue and is trying to sabotage the entire mission. Can we trust anyone at this point? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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