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Rebecca Zamolo’s best friend trapped us in a tiny room for this 24 hour challenge!

After Rebecca Zamolo did Last to STOP New Year’s Resolution Wins $10,000 (Rebecca Zamolo vs Best Friend), Matt and Rebecca posted the Best Hiding Spot Wins. 24 Hours Hide and Seek Challenge at Hacker Best Friend Cabin. Rebecca and her cousin Maddie were trapped in a tiny room after her best friend Alice tricked them. We hope this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge. We can hear Alice planning an escape room in real life inside our garage. Matt and the agents search the cabin for the missing cousins but receive a mysterious text message saying they are shopping. The guys decide to drive over in Matt’s Tesla while singing karaoke songs from the Game Master Rewind musical. Rebecca and Maddie find a mystery box filled with clothes along with a map. Maddie gets scared when we use a ghost app and realize real ghosts are in the tiny room with us. To distract her cousin, Rebecca decides to try a funny viral tiktok. Matt thinks it’s a prank when he must go dumpster diving to search for a missing wedding ring. Finally, Matt and the agents arrive in the garage and we must give punishments to them in order to escape without the sleep cloud being released. The game feels like we are pranking them as we use the clues and riddles Alice gave us. We use each code on the map to reveal each punishment. The final code is pushed before we fall asleep and agent R rescues Maddie. Do you think she might become his new crush? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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