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Hackers Vanished while we are trapped underground by escape room hatch during extreme hide and seek challenge!

After Rebecca posted the “Rebecca Zamolo Official Giant Music Video Song Challenge! (24 Hours Pranking with New Experiment)”, Matt and Rebecca then created “Caught Hacker Spying on Rebecca in Our House! (24 Hours Searching for Clues Challenge Face Reveal)” right after that The Real Game Master created “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca’s New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and finally Game Master Incorporated made “Framed by Hacker for Stolen Devices in our Tiny House! (24 Hour Song Challenge to win $20,000).” Rebecca and Matt wake up handcuffed to a fence in their backyard near the secret tunnel. The couple finds a key and they must make a DIY spy gadget to get it. This feels like an escape room in real life. The quadrant hacker that trapped us wants to exchange the keys to the 3 locks. The agents are trapped next to the secret tunnel system inside the house. Whatever they do during their extreme would you rather and the punishments are dealt to Matt and Rebecca. They chose to have the hacker arrive in the tunnel and Matt does a battle royale to save Rebecca. It doesn’t work so Rebecca defeats the shining and he goes back into the tunnel. Rebecca found a mysterious note with a clue on it. Will this unlock the code? Next the Red Hood arrives and she is looking for love. Matt has to pretend to go on a date with her and it works. Matt distracts her and Rebecca grabs the note hidden in plain site. The last hacker with the code is Mr X. Rebecca sings songs from her official musical challenge. They escape and steal back the tiny house. While playing hide and seek the Quadrant is searching for them. Matt and Rebecca split up while Matt locks the tunnel and Rebecca hides. Will she be trapped forever? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery music videos in 2020!

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