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Who will Zoe chose as her boyfriend and is this the real Agent S?

I, Rebecca Zamolo, started by creating “Giant Tinder In Real Life w/ Best Friend Crush to Win First Date! (24 Hour Challenge vs Kiss Hacks)”, then Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Our New House is Haunted!? (Ghost Reveals Secret Tunnel in Our Backyard at 3am) World’s Ultimate,” then the next day The Real Game Master posted “Lie Detector Test on Agents to Find the Truth! (New Clues Create Mystery in Real Life)”, then the Game Master Incorporated made “He’s Not My Real Brother! (Which Game Master Inc. Agent Can We Trust? Good Vs. Bad)!.” Now it is time to get back to the fun and set up 3 dates for my best friend Zoe. She will decide if she has a new boyfriend today and if they have a first kiss. The face Game Master, Agent S and Agent R all three decide who gets the $1.00 vs $100 date. They have a 1 minute challenge to shop for their items. FGM does a movie date while Rebecca reacts. It was the worst date. Next is a picnic where matt sabotages the date with a consequence prank on agent R who is still in disguise. The last date Agent S sets up in the tiny house. Rebecca pranks him with a fake snake and he isn’t scare. Is this the real Agent S? Is he telling the truth? The next round is a DIY challenge where each contestant tries different crafts from times found at home and everyday objects. Who will wins this round? Final round is a last to leave the hot air balloon challenge. Zoe isn’t sure who she likes more and who will be her boyfriend for the first kiss. Agent R in disguise gets a FaceTime call from his crush Maddie. She has some big news but can’t say what it is. Who will Zoe pick for her boyfriend and is this the real Agent S? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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