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Is there a mystery person living under our house?

After Rebecca posted the “Rebecca Zamolo Official Giant Music Video Song Challenge! (24 Hours Pranking with New Experiment)”, Matt and Rebecca then created Hacker Traps Rebecca in Tunnel System! (Funny 24 Hour Song Challenge Music Video at Home)” right after that The Real Game Master created “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca’s New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and finally Game Master Incorporated made “Framed by Hacker for Stolen Devices in our Tiny House! (24 Hour Song Challenge to win $20,000).” Now everyone is trying to figure out how the hacker is around our house. Matt searchings on the side of the house with Rebecca and found him having a conversation with a mysterious person. Could this be the Game Master? Rebecca decides that she will try to spy on him while Matt makes sure the lock is on the tunnel system in the backyard. He goes into the bedroom and Rebecca is almost caught. The agents secure the tiny house but try to help because they might win $10,000. It was shocking like in Roblox with Piggy the clown but it didn’t go as planned. Matt tries to set up a trap to see if he could have caught Q so we can do a face reveal. Rebecca tries hiding now that it is a hide and seek chase. She thinks she should hide under the mystery box. Who is Q and why is he in our house? Can he help us get into that secret room? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

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