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Rebecca Zamolo did a face reveal of best friend in a 24 hour song challenge of the official family music video. Matt and Rebecca then posted a Face Reveal and emotional goodbye of Maddie’s best friend after 24 hour song challenge. The Game Master network questions is the Game Master good or evil in a GM network test. Rebecca wakes up like Christmas morning and is surprised with holiday decorations all over her house. Blackjack is dressed up but our dog Peanut is missing. The door bell rings and he is sitting outside with a sign to go to the backyard. Daniel is disguised in a Santa Clause costume is waiting with gifts including an brand new iPad. If we can complete the challenges in time we can win the ipad plus the other presents. First challenge Daniel tricks Rebecca with a tik tok using only original song lyrics. Rebecca crushes it and they start the next challenge which is the buddy the elf challenge. Its like the movie elf. Next challenge is a prank on Robbie Rob and Rebecca checks in with BBI or Rachel. She said someone is following her but can’t find them as they are hiding. Next is antler toss then the worlds largest snow ball fight indoors. Who ever has the best dance at the end will decide but its up to the zamfam to tell us who won. Do you think the game master really wants us opening presents and what is this training for? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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