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Can Matt win the Karaoke Contest?

It all started when Rebecca Zamolo tried surprising her best friends with a face reveal of the grinch who stole Christmas. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Last to Leave the giant block of Ice wins challenge. The Game Master network created RZ Twin is Missing and we hope she isn’t hypnotized. Now in order to get the zamfam prizes back, rescue RZ Twin and win the subscribers back Matt must sing in a karaoke contest at the RHS Hospital and win. If Matt wins he will win back Rebecca’s subscribers and they can celebrate 10,000,000 subscribers again. When inside they all three split up. Matt realizes he must sing an original song in order to win. Maddie has a virus that daniel gave her to plant in the computer system. While there she is able to reroute one of the gems back to her house. Rebecca finds the missing iPhone 12 phones which are still brand new. Matt does well in the championship round and must face off against the RHS leader. Since he watches the voice, the singoff and perfect pitch he knows what to do. Can Matt defeat the RHS leader by crashing the karaoke contest? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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