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Daniel sent us back to summer camp to solve the mystery of the Monster at Camp Hootie Who. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo uploaded “Game Master is Mad… Boys vs Girls Challenge for 24 Hours.” Next Matt and Rebecca created “100 Mystery Buttons… Only 1 Will Let THEM ESCAPE this Box.” And finally the Game Master Network made “How TO SNEAK ANYTHING ANYWHERE | Game Master Spies Mystery Hunt.” If we can solve this mystery of the monster at camp hootie who we can save the camp. Counselors have gone missing and campers won’t even stay 24 hours. Maybe if its an imposter we can get them to do a face reveal. There will be a 3am campfire challenge that we must compete in and Rebecca Zamolo is a little to excited to win the challenges. Daniel has a detective board to solve clues but he also tried to sneak in his girlfriend. Do you think we can solve the mystery or will Matt and Rebecca be stuck in a smelly bunk for the whole week? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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