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After Rebecca Zamolo created Spending 24 HOURS Straight in the OCEAN! Surviving Hacker Escape Room Trap to Reveal Maddie’s Secret, Matt and Rebecca competed in Who Knows Me Better CRUSH or Matt Challenge? Spending 24 HOURS to Reveal Missing Hacker Crush! The Real Game Master uploaded Rebecca Found Secret Code in Hacker Escape Room Trap! Spending 24 Hours in Clues after Battle Royale, the Game Master Incorporated uploaded Game Master Book of Secrets Code Reveal! (Maddie missing after Hacker Hide and Seek Chase), now Matt must create a distraction to take control of the boat. The Quadrant fell asleep with the sleep cloud so Matt starts driving the boat for the first time. When Matt calls for an SOS he has to try to trick everyone else to think he knows what he is doing. It is kind of like a prank in real life except it doesn’t work. Daniel answers on the radio using spy gadgets to hack into the boat’s navigation system. When they get back the Quadrant wakes up and they lock him below the boat. Rebecca tries to escape with her new best friend and quickly spies the hacker leader Mr. X. Matt comes up with a plan and has a battle royale with the quadrant. When he wins he puts on his disguise and has a secret meeting. They find out that someone is trying to frame Matt. The agents help Rebecca to spy on the meeting so they can hear it as well. When they finally escape Maddie tells everyone her big secret. What do you think it is? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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