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Before Rebecca Zamolo created Lie Detector Test on Best Friend for Face Reveal, Matt and Rebecca found out that Maddie is Best Friends with a RHS Hacker? Camera Roll reveals Secret Unlisted Video! Now they have figured out a challenge that they can win against the RHS hacker to get a face reveal. Matt caught their best friend off guard when they started with jumping through impossible shapes. If Matt and Rebecca can win this last to leave challenge they might find out who has been spying on them for 24 hours. Next everyone gets in the pool and they create challenges. Maddie doesn’t trust her cousin so she decides to work with the hacker. Can we trust her? When she was sneaking through our house during the lie detector test it was very suspicious. It is almost like she is betraying us with magic tricks. Finally they see who can stay underwater the longest which will make the hacker face their biggest fear. If they can pull this off they will win the right to sleep in the worlds smallest house. Do you think we can trust anyone? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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