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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo found tunnel and challenge agents in best trick shot wins and viral tiktok life hacks to distract.

After Rebecca Zamolo created Official New House Tour! (Found Secret Hidden Room Using Extreme Everyday Objects), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles” The Real Game Master created “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks)”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks).” Now Matt and Rebecca must learn how to get into the tunnel system before the Agents find out. First they start with Matt in around the boxes upstairs in the tunnel. Rebecca starts doing viral tiktoks with the agents to distract them. While Matt is searching he discovers some moving boxes that the movers might have left at 3am. Rebecca hears a huge noise upstairs so she goes to find out if she needs to rescue her husband. He just fell so they need to switch places and do a switch up. Matt tries plays best trick shot wins $10,000 on the basketball court. Rebecca found a creepy doll while using her ghost app. Is the new house haunted? She runs out to the game station and tells matt she hasn’t found the tunnel system so he goes back up while Rebecca tricks the agents with a cooking challenge. Who ever makes the best candy pizza wins. While Matt is searching Daniel shows up out of nowhere. He found part of the tunnel system then when they look under a box, there it is. Could this be what gets them into the secret room? Whats inside the box and behind that door? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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