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In this video Matt and Rebecca Zamolo along with cameraman Daniel compete in the last to fall asleep challenge. There will be rounds where they start inside their house and then move to the outdoor inflatable waterpark in their backyard. The last person to stay awake will win $10,000. The only catch is that they have already been awake for 24 hours! In Rebecca’s video we played a giant boardgames in real life and the RZ twin was able to disable the cameras. Rebecca is the first to fall asleep and Matt and Daniel decide to play truth or dare. Daniel reveals that he might not know the true identity of the game master as it is very mysterious when Matt did a face reveal. Matt dares Daniel to walk around the house at 3am by himself. He does and doesn’t come back back. Matt hears a noise and wakes Rebecca up to go find Daniel. It looks like Daniel is missing. Can you help us solve this mystery? Who will win and be the last to fall asleep? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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