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New best friend hacker spy takes lie detector test!

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Rebecca Zamolo went through Maddie’s Camera roll using Twin Telepathy. Matt and Rebecca then learned Maddie is Best Friends with a RHS Hacker when they find a secret unlisted video on her camera roll. The GM Network is still searching for missing Game Master in real life. Rebecca now must meet her cousin’s new best friend who is a red hood spy. She decides to call a professional polygraph examiner to reveal the truth. John sets up a lie detector test to see if Maddie’s best friend is a liar in real life. Rebecca confronts Maddie and they are happy again as long as Rebecca doesn’t lie. Oh and Rebecca did a trending tik tok hack using a watermelon and 600 rubber bands. During the questioning Rebecca reveals secret information that only BBI and Maddie would know. Maddie gets upset and goes missing. Matt thinks she is suspicious and spies on his cousin. If the red hood spy doesn’t answer the questions right she will have to do a face reveal. When the RHS member says lies Rebecca tries to face reveal. Who do you think this mystery person is? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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