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Rebecca Zamolo had her first scooter chase while pregnant for this 24 hour challenge!

Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours pregnant to secretly spy on the Game Master incorporated. Matt and Rebecca found disguises that included a pregnancy bell and the worst Halloween costume. Both YouTubers Cloe Couture and Brooklyn and Bailey did this pregnant for 24 hours challenge so Rebecca thinks it will be fun.The couple started the challenge at a starbucks where the Agent R was spotted with the tracking device. They had to stay hidden and follow him a scooter. Matt and Rebecca must find a clue on the bottom of his cup and it turns into a hide and seek scooter chase to the ocean. The agent finds a secret device near the rollercoaster on the pier but we can’t see what’s inside the box. Rebecca must try to roller skate pregnant to secretly listen to a phone call where she receives secret information. We see him put a pumpkin in front of the pumpkin patch and think it’s a clue. Matt is the first to smash the pumpkin and we find a note inside but cant decode it. Where do you think our best friend Daniel is spying?Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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